7 Key Factors to Consider While Choosing Industrial Warehouse Space for rent

7 Key Factors to Consider While Choosing Industrial Warehouse Space for rent

Choosing the right warehouse space determines how efficient and profitable your business is. Leasing a warehouse is an important decision, and it becomes more imperative to choose the right space as it can enhance the company's ability to provide effective services to its customers. An ideal space for a warehouse unit for rent is the foremost need for the productive functioning of your business. Have a solid grasp of your basic requirements while considering a space for your industrial warehouse. Ensure that your warehouse has the room to grow and you do not need to cancel out the potential gains.

When you decide to select a space for your industrial warehouse for rent in Mumbai, take enough time to decide upon the various aspects and consider the criteria for comparison amongst the available options. You must decide and finalize the space only after compiling all the data and performing a thorough analysis. Make a current assessment while keeping in mind the movement and the expectations as they change year by year. This is a monumental yet stressful task with a looming threat of choosing a new space because the current location did not work out.

Workforce availability

Skills & labor costs, and workforce availability depend on the demographics of the space. You will not have the workforce available at the right price at every space for a Pre-engineered warehouse. Research well about the location of the warehouse while emphasizing on supply & demand, income levels, workforce availability, and population haracteristics.

Central to the cargo ports

Consider the mode of transportation for shipping or receiving the goods at your godown for rent. If you import or export cargo through air or ocean freight services, then ensure that you have easy access to the ports from your warehouse location. If your shipments arrive or depart from roads, then ensure that you have facilities offering a direct connection to the highways.

Building availability

You need to adjust according to business growth. If you want to minimize your need, you can move to another space within the same area. It secures your workforce and minimizes the frustrations of your customers in figuring out your new location.

Traffic flow

Consider the accessibility to the traffic flow from your location. This is of the utmost importance the major mode of transportation is trucking. Transportation costs affect the competitiveness of your business or the attractiveness of your industrial warehouse for rent to the customers. Determine highway interconnectivity, peak hours of traffic, accessibility to the highways, and public transportation penetration while choosing the warehouse space.

Rent rates

The pricing of the warehouse space is a key criterion in the selection of the industrial warehouse. The rates of the warehouse for rent normally depend on square feet per month or square feet per year.

Proximity to the markets

You must also consider the proximity of your warehouse in Bhiwandi to the local market and the suppliers. If possible, try to search for a warehouse that is closer to the major suppliers and the customers. This will reduce transportation costs, help decrease the lead times, and offer enhanced responsiveness. Select the warehouse location strategically to make an efficient supply chain.

Utility costs

Ensure that you check on the utility costs and availability. Consider if your warehouse depends on utilities, like electricity for refrigerated products. Apart from this, check on the internet connection services in the area available with warehouses in Bhiwandi. Not just the availability of internet services is important, but also the speed of the internet in the area.


Plan out the things well and strategize everything before you finalize a warehouse for your company. The decision of your warehouse location will largely be responsible for your customers& response and leaves a great impact. It has an immense effect on the competitiveness of your company in the long run.

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